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Onco Physical Therapy
& Wellness

We are not accepting new patients at this time.

A concierge private practice offering physical therapy services to adult breast cancer and lymphedema patients. 

 Proactive Care 

Were you recently diagnosed with cancer and want to optimize your outcomes before and during your medical treatments?

We can help.

Lymphedema Care

Have you noticed swelling in your arms, around your chest, or legs and want to know how to treat it?

We can help.

Recovery Care

  Did you have cancer treatments in the past but still have not regained your strength, endurance, or flexibility? 

 We can help.

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An essential part of your RECOVERY journey

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To guide you through exercises before, during, and after medical treatments.

To boost strength, improve posture, and improve overall self-esteem. 

To increase your shoulder's range of motion for less pain during radiation. 

To reduce stress and improve sleep. 

To feel more energized for work, family time, and other normal daily activities. 

To reduce bothersome side effects from treatment, including numbness and tingling.

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To have your questions answered about the stages of rehab and post surgical precautions. 

To drain lymph fluid from your arm(s), chest, and surrounding areas.


To learn about lymphedema management and get measured 

for a garment. 

To decrease tightness and feelings of restriction following breast reconstruction. 

Whether you are newly diagnosed or a long time cancer survivor we are available to help and we look forward to meeting you. 

Schedule your first appointment today:

Send a message to 

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